Animated Feature In Development (85 minutes, CGI)




In a world divided by dissident tribes made of rock, metal, wood, fabric and clay, there is one rule:


HARMONY, a nine year-old musical prodigy of the Clay Tribe, lives in disgrace since her father betrayed their people. Humiliated by this treachery, Harmony’s grandfather (once a revered composer) has kept her cooped up at home. Four years he has labored over a composition that he hopes will restore their family honor. To do so, Harmony must play his Magnum Opus for all of Clayburg.

But Harmony breaks the old man’s trust and befriends a huge Rock man, who accidentally crushes her violin.

To set things right, Harmony is forced to enlist the giant’s help to repair it. He leads her beyond the safety of her people and into the lands of tribes she has been taught to fear.

During her quest, Harmony discovers that people are made up of much more than they appear and that the real danger for the Clay people lies closer to home than anyone realizes…

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