Death Trap Island

85 minute Animated Adventure Comedy




EMPRESS EMILY has commissioned PROF CONNETIX to genetically modify animals – greatly increasing their intelligence. When the Prof discovers that his creations are being misused as slaves, he refuses to continue his work and is exiled to an island inhabited by mutant creatures – the wacky results of his failed experiments.

The Prof is guarded by BONGO, a super-smart, tantrum-throwing Baboon, who controls the island for the Empress. Bongo protects his realm with booby traps constructed by his MINIONS – a troupe of moronic monkeys.

When the Prof invents an escape portal, his plan backfires and the contraption ports two unsuspecting city kids onto DEATH-TRAP ISLAND. Tino, a puny techno geek – obsessed with gaming and Jinni, a feisty little daredevil who’s besotted with animals. The two fall into an ancient dungeon and find WATT, a vegetarian Vampire Bat with a flight-inhibiting weight problem.

With Bongo’s minions on their tail and dangerous booby-traps in their way, the trio embark on a desperate mission to find their way home. When they finally reach the porthole, they discover that the fate of all the enslaved animals lies with them. They decide to stay and fight.

Tino has to man-up, Watt must control his urges and Jinni will have to learn to trust them if together they are to unite the creatures and defeat the Empress before her selfish plan destroys them all.

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